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Fee Structure

The fee structure for the courses is well defined and fees are extremely reasonable and cover all the normal categories. The fee structure is governed by the Government of Karnataka.

Amount of fees for individual courses will be published in the prospectus each year. The broad heads which the fees will cover are:

    • Entrance fee
    • Tuition fee
    • Computer fee
    • General fee
    • Camp fee
    • Caution money
    • Educational trips
    • Student Aid fund
    • Student Welfare fund
    • Uniform & Sports kit
    • Hostel fee (where applicable)

These fees are further applicable to various sub-heads. Examination fees, migration fees etc. will be separately collected from students as prescribed from time to time by the University. The present indicative fees for various courses are as under:

  • Prospectus
  • INR xxxxxx /-;
  • INR xxxxxx /- for the monthly course.

Financial concessions to eligible students are applicable as follows:

  • Government backward class scholarship and free studentship
  • Government educational concessions to the children of freedom fighters, service personnel, primary teachers and secondary teachers
  • Government concessions for economically backward classes. Candidates whose annual income for the previous year is less than Rs.xxxxx /- can only avail of this concession.


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